An archive of 1400 Chris Killip images can now be viewed by anyone visiting the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol.

Killip in conjunction with Pony, London has made four new newsprint publications:

The Station - 34 images on 32 pages on an an anarcho-punk venue in Gateshead that he photographed in 1985. "Nobody ever asked me where I was from or even who I was. A thirty-nine years old with cropped white hair, always wearing a suit (as the jacket had pockets stitched inside to hold my 4x5" slides). I had a big flat-bed plate camera around my neck and a hefty Norman flash with its out-size battery around my waist. I must have looked like something out of a 1950s B-movie or some rather oddball imitation of 'Weegee the Famous.'"

The Last Ships - 25 images on 28 pages of Killip's shipbuilding photographs from Tyneside. "When I was making my shipbuilding photographs I didn't show them to anyone, as shipbuilding on Tyneside had become a personal obsession. I made them with a sense of urgency as I thought it wasn't going to last. I didn't set out to be the photographer or the English de-industrial revolution, it happened all around me during the time I was photographing."

Skinningrove - 34 images on 32 pages from Skinningrove with a text by Killip. Thirty of these images are previously unpublished.

Portraits - 26 images on 32 pages. "Making a portrait fills me with a certain amount of dread. It's the impertinence of what you're about to do in reducing a human being into one fixed moment. You think about the subject's complexity (knowing them makes this worse) and the predetermined limitations that surround any attempt at portraiture. Then you convince yourself that you have to try, and you go ahead. This brief moment between you and the person in front of you is based on their trust in your intent."

The Last Ships - 36 of Chris Killip's shipbuilding photographs will be on show at the Laing Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, until May 24, 2020.

All Killip publications are available for personal shoppers at the Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol.

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The newsprint publications of The Station,The Last Ships, Skinningrove and Portraits will be available from

A slipcased, signed, limited edition of 250, including all four publications will be available from Pony on November 19, 2018.

TT Races 1971 is now available from Cafe Royal Books


























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